National Centre for Craft and Design Residency

The images below are from our 7 day residency at the National Centre of Craft and Design. We set up a workshop in the gallery and helped people make what they wanted from discarded materials and we also spent time working on our own repair projects. 

We had a lot of interest and repeat attendance and had a wide range of ages doing a wide range of techniques and skills. We had equipment in our workshop from sewing machines, pottery wheels, 3D printer, woodworking tools, metalworking tools, printing equipment and cement casting. 

Some of the discarded materials and objects were old chairs, lamps, duvet covers, lampshades, violin, snow globe, walking sticks, vinyl records, inner tubes, wooden frames, plant pots, left over dyed aluminium, curtains and wire mesh.

As part of this residency we had people come along who were inspired to buy equipment and take up small metalwork and sewing. We also taught someone to use a sewing machine so that they could repair their own clothes. We also saw how providing the materials and letting people decide what they wanted to make lead to many imaginative ideas and creativity. We were just pleased we could help people realise their ideas.

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